Does Bournvita, Horlicks, Complan Really Increase Your Height?

One of the significant parts of any of our childhood memories constitute of a very common scene in most Indian household, where either your mom or other elders in the family are running after you with a glass of milk. No matter how you, what you do or how old you are, a glass of milk is the solution to everything in the Indian households. But, how we hated milk back in those days, right? It was only the addition of the flavored health drink accompaniments like Complan, Horlicks, and Bournvita that made milk drinkable. Now, that we’ve grown up, we need to think about the effects of these health drinks on children and others likewise.

Do Health Drinks Really Make You “Taller, Stronger And Sharper ?

The major claim that these Health drink companies make is that the consumption of these flavored powders along with a glass of milk helps your child grow Taller sue to the addition of height enhancers in its mix. But, do they explain to us how? The answer would have to be no.

The fact here is that consumed without milk, these are not going to increase your height anyway. Though these are advertised so much, Complan and Horlicks on a daily basis on our Television, most of these fail to accomplish what they claim.

In this article, we wanted to get our readers acquainted with a few facts and reality checks regarding the consumption of these health drinks. Here is a list of “behind the scene” facts about health drinks like Complan, Horlicks and Bournvita:


  1. The ingredients in Health drinks like complan are nothing out of the box and are available in various other things we consume on a daily basis. We actually, keep consuming the same amount of these nutrients, vitamins and minerals from various other sources without having much knowledge about it since it is not advertised heavily like the contents of these health drink powders. There isn’t a single exclusive ingredient in Complan or Horlicks that is not available in other daily food items.Whereas just consuming Milk on the other hand contains Lactoferrin which helps in increasing the IGF-1 levels which in turn can increase your height naturally. Milk also makes your bones stronger.


  1. Complan or Horlicks does improve on the taste of Milk making it a lot sweeter than milk itself. This is the only reason kids love it so much. But, as far Height growth is concerned, Milk is the thing that is going to help you grow not the complan, the Horlicks or the Bournvita.


  1. If you have noticed closely, none of these health drink powders ever give a guarantee for any increase in your height because these can’t really do a thing about your height. A glass of Milk with or without Horlicks, Complain or Bournvita will have equal effect on your body growth.The companies selling these health drink powders will never ask you to take complan, Horlicks or Bournvita without milk or to stop drinking milk for that fact because Milk is the one doing back-end job.


  1. Considering the cost factor, Complan, Horlicks or Bournvita actually cost you more for same amount of vitamins and minerals that can be easily consumed naturally via fruits and vegetables.


  1. Talking by research results, no intriguing results have yet been reported so far from any country stating that Health drinks like complan and Horlicks does improves your height. The whole idea is related to the company profit nothing else.


If you are really worried about increasing your height and wish to slightly alter the natural processes of your body, you can get your hands on some good health journals either online or at book stores. Natural health drinks are better height enhancers than the ones mentioned above any day. You may also want to try regular Bicycling, Yoga or even swimming on daily basis to see results. The basic idea here is that you should be physically active and eat healthy if you really want to work on your height and your body on the whole.


Does Bournvita, Horlicks, Complan make you Taller ?
Does Bournvita, Horlicks, Complan make you Taller ?
The fact here is that Bournvita, Horlicks, Complan consumed without milk, these are not going to increase your height anyway. Though these are advertised so much, Complan and Horlicks on a daily basis on our Television, most of these fail to accomplish what they claim.
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