5 Highways of India Which Actually Make India Proud

There are more than 200 national highways all over India connects different regions of various states covering approximately 66590 km. Highways in India play a crucial role in trade and commerce. Highways help in developing the infrastructure and also the economic condition of the country. Indian highways connect major cities in every corner of the country.
Now here let us have a come across a few of them which are major and important
National Highway 7 (NH 7):

National Highway 7 is the longest highway in India casing about 2369 km. It covers many regions from north to south between Varanasi to Kanyakumari. It is routed through metro cities and includes Varanasi, Jabalpur, Nagpur and Kanyakumari. This National Highway 7 is renamed as National Highway 44.
National Highway 5 (NH 5):

NH5 routes from Cuttack to Chennai. This highway around 1533 km long, is one of the longest highways in India. It covers the eastern coastal region of India. For this reason it can be also called as east coast highway. It passes through two southern states viz. Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and an eastern state namely Orissa. It originates from the crossroads of NH 6 near Cuttack.
National Highway 6 (NH 6):

National Highway 6 extends its route from Surat, Gujarat to Kolkata to West Bengal covering the regions from west to east, mainly the places of Maharashtra, Chhattisgarh and Orissa. It is one of the major projects having an extended path of 1949 kms.
National Highway 15 (NH 15):

NH 15 is one of the major projects of north-west India. It takes the path between Samakhiali of Gujarat and Pathankot of Punjab. It also covers the regions of Rajasthan. It has a long route of 1526 kms.
National Highway 2 (NH 2):

National Highway 2 connects two major cities of India, Kolkata and the country’s capital Delhi. It routes through the states of Delhi, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra and West Bengal

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5 Highways of India Which Actually Make India Proud Published on: July 10th, 2015 by itmlab

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