Best Online Survey Tools For 2016

Surveys are the essential part of information systems. Online reviews and surveys have become very popular since they can be focused on many people on internet in the meantime. As per the responses of online traffic, given information can then be evaluated for finding buyers interest, demand forecasting, analysis and other business intelligence related information. Surveys are the vital part of modern business houses, entrepreneurs, new startups, e-Commerce etc. Surveys are helpful to reduce business risks and improve the success rates of companies by giving better observations and information.

It makes company leaders more decision making and result oriented. Alright, so let us check out few best online survey tools for 2016.


1)   Survey Monkey

Survey Monkey
Survey Monkey

Survey Monkey is a standout among

the most well-known online survey platforms. You can get many survey question list and ready templates on this platform to use. This platform gives outstanding features to do surveys and analysis. It additionally gives cutting edge components to examining gathered information through expert reports. This awesome platform is utilized by many small scale and vast scale organizations around the world. Many verticals like digital marketing, HR services, education verticals, market research, management consulting and advertising are using this platform.

2) SoGo Survey


SoGo Survey is a simple and cutting edge survey platform that gives you a chance to make an assortment of online surveys by offering ready to use formats. It gives members’ status following continuously and analyzes the statistics also. SoGo Survey gives test survey formats for events, consumer loyalty review or worker engagement study. Anyone can run multiple surveys from one dashboard. SoGo Survey permits clients to view survey results on sites, send email or share over social networking utilizing Twitter or Facebook.


3) eSurv


eSurv is a free internet platform for building forms, polls and questionnaires online. Anyone can make proficient reviews utilizing different inquiry sorts, for example,

  • Content,
  • Rating scale and
  • Decision questions

In addition, one can add pictures, logos or even recordings into reviews.


eSurv additionally gives cutting edge custom components to add titles or depictions, apply privacy and themes option. eSurv offers to take out results to PDFs or export data on excel. We can share the insights on online networking, email or on blogs.

4) Survey Gizmo


Survey Gizmo is an intense internet platform for online surveys, forms, polls and tests. With more than 40 ready to use question formats and suite of statistics and customization tool, Survey Gizmo gives anybody a chance to make proficient looking tool effectively. Study Gizmo likewise helps in discovering traffic for surveys through its other services. Survey Gizmo likewise has strong security;smartphones enables survey features and many more options which can feather your market research and surveys.

5) Poll Daddy


Poll Daddy is a best of breed online tool to design and regulating online surveys. The tool gives customization benefits manager and 14 question sorts which permits making a review effectively. It likewise gives various different components e.g.privacy features, support for including media from YouTube and Maps, support for many internet sharing alternatives and reporting features.

6) Free Online Surveys


This is an effective online platform for building online quizzes, tests, polls, surveys and forms. Free Online Surveys provide many ready to use templates through which you can fulfill your requirements. You may also get other promotional features also. The best feature of this website is a tool which can evaluate two surveys and give you a professional report on it. In addition, anyone can share insights and results on social media and other internet platforms also.

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Best Online Survey Tools For 2016 Published on: April 7th, 2016 by Shivesh Pratap

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    Totally agree with you on SoGoSurvey as i have already used it for market research survey. First i tried their basic plan for free just to check how it works and i tried various sample survey templates which they provide in free plan as well. Once i was like very satisfied, i upgraded to a premium plan.

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