Ways to Promote Yourself without Being Annoying

Self-promotion as a means to prop up your entrepreneurship regardless of whether it is product-based or service-oriented is an absolute must. However, there are many people who’re not comfortable with the very idea of promoting oneself as they increasingly feel that putting themselves out might backfire. These individuals might be aware, in this age of the Internet, about the indispensability of exploiting all the online tools and techniques as well as capitalizing on offline marketing strategies. Nevertheless, some deep-seating inhibitions come in the way of positioning one’s product or service.

Tips on Self Promotion

To begin with, positioning one’s brand in the dog-eat-dog world of commerce without sounding annoying or irritating requires one to be outgoing and shed unwarranted inhibitions. Though you might find it unpalatable, if you’re not forceful in upholding yourself, somebody else will steal the show and hog all the limelight. One fail-safe way to promote your ware or service would be to demonstrate unwavering confidence in the same.

You should strongly believe that whatever you’re offering is simply the best your customers can have. Next, try to establish an enduring connection with your clients and show that you genuinely care by paying heed to their feedbacks on product improvement. Another great tip would be to stay humble without being self-deprecating or giving the impression that you’re a perfectionist. Finally, don’t go overboard in attempting to canvass your ware or in other words, don’t oversell yourself.

Self Advertisement Ideas


Talking about self-advertisement ideas, there are numerous ways of canvassing your startup. The modes that you’ll eventually choose will obviously depend on the nature of your venture, availability of funds and manpower, and so on and so forth. Networking on social automated sites, participating in trade fairs, becoming a registered member of the local chamber of commerce, and socializing with your friends and business contacts can help. Having a user-friendly and updated e-commerce site has become indispensable in the present times.

Prepare a comprehensive list of prospective customers and send emails, newsletters, and hard copies of mailers to them. Design an eye-catching infographic involving your product/service and insert ads in newspapers, put up signage on bus stops, make car stickers and decals, and so on.

How to Promote Services

How to Promote Services

If you’re in the business of offering a unique service to your clients for which there is a high demand with few competitors, promotion is integral for your venture’s success. Create a logo and have it embossed on business cards, stationery, brochures, signage, website, product packages, and on almost anything you’d think could help in extensive brand recognition. Socialise with professionals and entrepreneurs from related or unrelated commercial segments.

Consider advertising your brand on as many platforms you can afford and try to form symbiotic relationships with other businesses. Exploit the online social networking sites and write regular blogs about your startup. Hand out freebies likes calendars, pens, and small stationery items with your company’s logo on it. These are some of the time-honoured ways to promote business.

Closing up, it can be inferred that you’ve to be outgoing and gregarious if you’re really sincere about brand promotion and positioning and can’t afford to be introvert. Be passionate about your product or service, stay positive and just be yourself.

Ways to Promote Yourself without Being Annoying
Ways to Promote Yourself without Being Annoying
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