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May 2016

Does Bournvita, Horlicks, Complan Really Increase Your Height?

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One of the significant parts of any of our childhood memories constitute of a very common scene in most Indian household, where either your mom or other elders in the family are running after you with a glass of milk. No matter how you, what you do or how old you are, a glass of milk is the solution to everything in the Indian households. But, how we hated milk back in those days, right? It was only the addition of the flavored health drink accompaniments like Complan, Horlicks, and Bournvita that made milk drinkable. Now, that we’ve grown up, we [...]

January 2016

Castor Oil – One Remedy; Several Ailments

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Castor oil is an anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant oil which can be used to cure many ailments and is used as an active ingredient in many Ayurvedic concoctions too. It has been used for centuries for its therapeutic and medicinal benefits. Though it is unpleasant to taste it has a high concentration of unsaturated fatty acids which makes it very useful. It is often used in soaps, cosmetics, textiles and massage oil for the benefit of the people. Some common benefits of castor oil are: Constipation remedy – Castor oil is a strong laxative and if a spoonful of this oil is [...]

November 2015

Techniques To Help Your Baby Sleep!!!

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Few subjects get unseasoned parents bothered up as much as discussing their child's rest. However much they're getting, it isn't sufficient and they're not certain how to get their tot to rest more. Somewhere around four and six months, your child may be prepared for rest preparing. While all infants are diverse, most children at this age are equipped for staying asleep from sundown to sunset (for around eight to 12 hours). Be that as it may, there is a mixed bag of diverse approaches to rest train. Whatever you pick, consistency is the key. Sleep preparing methodologies tend to fall [...]

Essentials For Dads-To-Be

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There are infinite assets for ladies to get ready for being a mother, yet who assists expecting fathers get prepared for the single greatest impetus they'll ever know? One of the scariest minutes in any man's life is the approaching reality that will be a father. A heap of obligations accompany parenthood, so it's no big surprise that on edge and dumbfounded fathers-to-be would take to the web for some amicable counsel on their new position as Dad. Is it true that you are even marginally arranged to be a decent father? Each gentleman needs to arrange well ahead of time for [...]

October 2015

Foods That Help Relieve Constipation in Kids

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Children are said to be constipated when they experience less than three stool movements weekly. A constipated child has difficulty in clearing his or her bowels and the fecal matter is atypically large, dry, and hard. Kids plagued with severe constipation usually have to put up with acute abdominal cramps, vomit frequently, and often pass blood during bowel movements. Youngsters in the habit of consuming processed foods like pizzas, bagels, treated dairy products, refined cereals and refined formula foods are more likely to suffer from constipation. Kids who don’t partake of sufficient fibers and fluids also have a high probability of [...]

Foods You Must Not Eat If You Really Love Your Life

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Today I would like to share and aware you about harmful foods which need to avoid from the next hour. Potassium bromate is a capable oxidizing specialist that artificially ages flour much speedier than outside. Potassium bromate fades mixture, and improves its versatility by reinforcing its system of atomic extensions, which makes for the arrangement of modest, slender walled bubbles as the bread rises. The finished item is cushy, delicate and unnaturally white. In the end, that finished item is additionally completely without potassium bromate, which changes to potassium bromide, an innocuous side effect, amid heating. In 1982, specialists in Japan [...]

How Can Loneliness Affect a Person

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Users of cell phones and web are quickly expanding the world over and individuals are experiencing its compulsion. In light of the association in the virtual enclosure, youths are disconnecting from the real society, folks and companions. An absence of dear companions and a shortage of more extensive social contact for the most part bring the enthusiastic uneasiness or trouble known as loneliness. It starts with a consciousness of an insufficiency of connections. This subjective mindfulness plays through our cerebrum with a passionate soundtrack. It makes us pitiful. We may feel void. We may be loaded with an aching for contact. [...]

September 2015

Breastfeeding Boons to Mothers

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These days women employment is continuously increasing in the whole world and this percentage describe the growth of any developing nation. With this corporate culture and professionalism, women don’t able to give very much time on maternity. Even maternity is planned according to the promotion tenure and job location. There is a misconception among women that breastfeeding can affect their figure. In reality, breastfeeding is a god gift to motherhood and it helps to mother to become healthy. Breastfeeding reduce the dangerous disease of female body. Few health benefits are described below; Breastfeeding Is a Characteristic Prophylactic This is genuine just [...]

Who Are The Real Mathematics Pundit, Girls Or Guys!

By | 2017-11-04T12:39:50+00:00 September 24th, 2015|Categories: Child Health, Fitness, Life|

In schools, who are the best performers in mathematics, girls or guys….is a boiler plate discussion? Now neuro-science and clinical pharmacology has been trying to uncover the hidden facts and we are getting better results to this problem on behalf of researches and logic. Gender is one wellspring of individual contrasts in mathematics which appears with predictable contrasts in execution on specific spatial undertakings. For instance, guys have a tendency to outflank females on tests of mental revolution capacity. It is conceivable that this is an organically adapted impact as the distinction is vast (d = 0.6 to 1.0), shows up [...]

How to Explain Your Little Girl About Her First Period

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Like your daughter’s first steps and first words, her first period is a major milestone that both of you are unlikely to forget throughout your lives. The first step towards transforming into a beautiful young woman from a little girl, it is normally greeted with little joy and majorly apprehension, fear and in some cases, surprise. Your daughter’s first menstrual experience brings along certain practical and emotional elements with which you can help her cope in the right manner. Mentioned below are some tips to help your daughter breeze through this life changing experience:- Pre-Menstrual Preparation Your daughter can experience her [...]

5 At-Home Exercises to Improve Stammering Troubles

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Stammering or stuttering is a difficult speech dysfluency or impediment. It occurs due to the blend of several factors like physiology, neurology, psychology and lifestyle. Stuttering due to mental blocks and stress can be cured completely with proper care and treatment. If it happens due to dysfunctioning brain part or nerve, it may not be eliminated completely but can be overcome to a large extent. Exercises in combination with prescribed treatment have proved to give miraculous results in stuttering cure. Listed below are some at-home exercises are excellent in curing stammering. Tongue and Jaw Exercise Keeping your jaws open wide, stretch [...]

Memory Methods for Understudies

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Numerous understudies have memory issues. Understudies who have shortfalls in enlisting data in transient memory regularly experience issues recollecting guidelines or bearings they have quite recently been given, what was simply said amid discussions and class addresses and talks, and what they simply read. Understudies who experience issues with working memory frequently overlook what they are doing while doing it. Give headings in various configurations Understudies advantage from being given headings in both visual and verbal arrangements. Likewise, their understanding and encouraging so as to retain of guidelines could be checked them to rehash the headings given and clarify the significance [...]

5 Natural Ways To Get Rid Of Dengue Fever and Symptoms

By | 2017-11-04T12:39:59+00:00 September 18th, 2015|Categories: Child Health, Health, Men's Health|

Dengue Fever: A Dreaded Tropical Disease That Can Get Fatal ‘Dengue Fever’ is a dread viral illness caused by the female Aedes mosquito (also known as yellow-fever mosquito) that thrives in tropical and sub-tropic climes. This Aedes mosquito, carrier of the dengue virus, in order to meet its protein requirement for laying eggs, injects the same into the human bloodstream through its saliva. The virus rapidly proliferates throughout the bloodstream targeting the WBCs resulting in the body developing a high fever (of upto 105°F) as a defence mechanism. Toilet bowls, cisterns, open manholes, uncovered buckets, roadside open drains, gully traps, air-conditioning [...]

Ways to Stop Binge-Eating in Kids

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As a doting parent, intense satisfaction creeps in when your kid is cleaning away all the food stuffs placed in his/her plate. But if your kid is consuming abnormally huge portion of food and is perpetually hungry and obsessed with food, it's time for your red flag radar to go up and pay more attention to your kid. Your kid might be suffering from binge-eating disorder and in need of your assistance to kill the habit which may have dire consequences on his physical and emotional being. Mentioned below are some tips to help your kid stop binge-eating:- Seek Professional Help [...]

Top 5 Symptoms of Dengue

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Widely prevalent in the tropics and the subtropics, dengue fever is caused by viral infection, transmitted through the bite of a mosquito, the female Aedes aegypti. It is a day-biting mosquito which breeds well in collected rain water or freshwater and feeds on human blood to produce eggs.

Helping with Delayed Speech Problem in Kids

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Like walking, the first words uttered by a child is the milestone that every parent waits with bated breath and never forget the boundless joy when reached. But owning to various reasons, the child may be coping with a speech delay problem. The problem first needs to be confirmed by various child specialists. Apart from medical help and speech therapy (if required), there are several measures that can be taken at home to help kids with speech delays. Some of them are mentioned below:- Regular Adherence To Professional Assistance The delay in the child's speech development may be a genuine medical [...]

9 Things You Should Never Say To Your Kids

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Accept it! Sometimes even we as parents (adults) can inadvertently say a few wrong, damaging and terrible things to our kids without giving in much thought. But you may be surprised to hear that these seemingly harmless phrases are capable of triggering lifelong resentment, punching their self-esteem or evoking some less-than-desirable sentiments in them. Here, is a collection of those 9 verbal parenting mistakes, things you should never (ever) say to your kids. “Be a Man” It is important for kids to learn to express their emotions. Statements like these would encourage them to conceal their emotions and eventually they would [...]

June 2015

Dark Chocolate Health Benefits How Much A Day?

By | 2017-11-04T12:41:30+00:00 June 19th, 2015|Categories: Child Health, Health|

‘Chocolate’ that word heard at any corner of the room children come running all the way round to grab it. They get ready for whatever it is about a promise of adding them a chocolate. May be all this adds up from the taste of the chocolate.   Around 2500 years ago chocolate was extracted from seeds of cocoava. Earlier days it was taken in the liquid form, later in 19th century butter and sugar were added up to concave liquid and transformed into chocolate. There started the industries of manufacturing of chocolates. Later spread to the whole world and now [...]

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