How Much Do You Know About Your Penis?

Naked Greco-Roman statues, cave sculptures and Khajuraho temple arts, all around, the penis may be the most popular and very much focused male organ on the earth. These days’ boys are exceptionally disappointed with their penis length, however in roman era the ideal penis was thin, little, covered with a long and narrow foreskin. It has been worshiping in many forms around the world by many civilizations.

Yet, many guys and girls still have couple of mysteries left to uncover. From the dick bone to the perfect length and even penis embarrassment, here are few wild actualities about penis, the male sex organ.

Smoking Can Shorten Your Penis

smoking can decrease the length of penis

The normal straight up penis is around 5.56 inches means 14 c.m. long, as resulted from a recent report in a research publication of Sexual Medicine that studied 1661 men. Yet, variety is the zest of life and men in that study had assets that gone from 1.6 inches (4c.m.) long by 10.2 inches (26 c.m.) long.

All the erections were not made equivalent. The study found, the men who measured their assets after oral sex or intercourse were bigger cocks than the people who depended on porn movies or sex chat alone.

In light of the fact, smoking can reduce your masculinity. It decreases blood stream to the penis and reduce the normal penis by up to 0.4 inches (1 c.m.), different studies have found.

Size Does Matter For Women


With regards to dicks, size does make a difference for a few ladies. Ladies who will probably have vaginal climaxes say it is simpler to climax with men who have longer assets, as per a recent report of Sexual Medicine. Still, it’s not observed precisely why, a long dick may be better ready to animate the Baby Cannon. In a recent report of the National Academy of Sciences, scientists reported that ladies believed the perfect penis size depend on a man’s body and height with a bigger asset looks better.

Born With Two Penises


Rarely, a child may be conceived with two penises, a condition that influences any one among 5 million to 6 million guys and this disease is known as diphallus. This condition doesn’t mean twofold the fun because both assets do not fully functional and it needs surgery to remove the less efficient one.

Men with an additional cock condition are known as priapism. It experiences the ill effects of a tenacity erection that won’t go away for hours. Typically the reason is a fiasco of blood to come back from the dick to other organs. You may find this disease in those who are suffering from leukemia or anemia. The condition is normally a medical crisis that requires a dose of medicines to resume the smooth muscles in the penis.

Penis Bones Are a Mystery

Have you heard about penis bone or baculum? In spite of the fact that most apes have a bone in penis to erect it, but humans lost their penis bones later and now human organ erection is totally depends on blood pressure. In other creatures, the penis bone exists inside and is coming out into the penis for a moment of solid erection. It’s yet a secret why guys lost this attribute; however, in a book The Selfish Gene, the scientist Richard Dawkins proposes the boneless penis was chosen for that it permits females to scale potential partners’ health.  The men who can’t get an erection likely have poor blood flow.

Foreskins Are Like Eyelids

In a new born, the foreskin tissue is covered to the glans of the penis. In the womb, the foreskin advances from the same tissue as the clitoral hood of vagina.

The foreskin’s inward wall is comprised of mucous membranes like we observed in the eyes or the mouth, creating moisture. But this may also create the STD transmission rates connected with uncircumcised men in a few researches.

Growers vs Showers

Growers vs Showers

The old aphorism is reality: Some males are “showers” and others are “growers.” As per a 1996 article in the Journal of Urology, there’s no real way to anticipate the measure of a man’s erect penis when it’s limp. Modern researches say that extended penises are a decent indicator of its definitive erect size.

Do You Feel Shame On Your Size?



Shame on the penis is a genuine and normal phenomenon: In one study of Sexual Medicine, 30 percent of British men were exceptionally disappointed with their penis length. The study got no connection between size shams and real penis size. A few men were so focused about their penis length that they dreaded others would see the length or reality of their dick through their jeans.

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How Much Do You Know About Your Penis? Published on: May 10th, 2016 by Shivesh Pratap

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