Duck Feet Nails – Nah or Yah

With a ‘quack quack’ here and a ‘quack quack’ ’quack ’ there ’quack’ everywhere ‘quack quack’.Well that is pretty much the situation of the duck feet nails, which have managed to resurface as the latest trend once again and is gradually dominating nail art.


What are duck feet nails?

Duck feet nails, also called flared nails, is a kind of nail art that has a broad nail tip, most of the times broader than the nail  bed itself. The shape that results is a triangular shape, similar to that of a duck’s webbed feet.

This attractive trend began in the 1920’s in the United States, but sadly couldn’t survive long enough due to the problems it posed like difficulty in changing finger rings etc. Still, the little time was just not enough for it to gain much popularity and maybe that is why it has made an astonishing comeback. Surprise!


How to get ‘Duck Feet Nails’?

Artificial nail tips, several sizes bigger than the original nail, are fitted on the nail and then the sides are slanted to add a flare to make it look like the feet of a duck. Although it is not necessary that it should be an extreme flare, it can be a subtle widening too.


Scope of Nail Art

It is also weighed that the inclination towards duck feet nails is more because of the size of the nail than because of the shape. Being exaggerated, there is ample space for a nail artist to portray his art, a few examples of which maybe glitter, rhinestones, handmade designs etc, all of it in one nail. It is creativity at his best. The most common riffs of this trend are moon shaped, which is a curve in at the tip, or crown shaped nails, which is the perfect resemblance of a duck feel nail.

Duck Nail Collage

As of now, duck feet nails have received mixed reviews, with some absolutely loving it while the others plainly detesting it.  The idea of putting a ring into the nail may sound frustrating and tedious but yes for those who are tired and bored of having those pointy nails, duck feet nails might be the thing for you.

Celebs Quotientsnooki11

Heard about Jersey Shore? Well, Snooki from Jersey Shore has been seen sporting a set. Apparently, if a few more celebs like Lady Gaga or Nicki Minaj could be seen sporting this trend, trust it to spread all over in no time and become a huge hit, despite  some people finding it weird and professionals denying to serve clients who wish it to be done.

Nonetheless, maybe it is the right time for duck feet nails to grab a big number of fans and clients and hopefully go a long way in establishing its singularity.

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Duck Feet Nails – Nah or Yah Published on: May 11th, 2016 by itmlab

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