Benefits of Taking Less Water At Night Or Before Sleeping

Talking by scientific facts, the human body has taken Darwin’s theory of evolution pretty seriously and evolved some pretty cool ingenious mechanisms to keep itself from getting disturbed during sleep. Looks like our bodies actually do love sleep as much as we do. In that light, waking up during the night on the account of thirst is not something that is desirable. So, people tend to drink enough water before going to bed. But is that really a healthy practice? Read on to find out.

How Essential Is Water For Your Body?


There are a myriad of benefits of drinking water and according to doctors, an average adult should drink 2-3 liters of water daily. Not drinking the adequate amount of water may lead to sickness, as there are several purposes that water serves in our body. Namely, it regulates the body temperature, helps in metabolic processes, flushes out harmful toxins, etc.

Is drinking water at night bad for you ?

Water benefits the most when your stomach is empty, usually right after you wake up. If you are drinking water in large quantities before going to sleep or right after having dinner, then you will actually face consequences. According to latest researches that have come in, drinking water in excessive quantities during the night can have harmful effects on the body. Anything taken in excess or under can prove to be harmful, by rule. Similarly, one should drink water in the right quantity and at the right time.


Thus, we can say that one should drink less water at night or before going to sleep. The reasons of the same have been stated below:

  1. Drinking a lot of water before sleeping may make you visit the washroom right in the middle of the night, thereby, causing a disturbance in your normal sleep pattern.

  2. Drinking excess water before sleeping can prove to be problematic for the kidneys as well. Since, the water does not get utilized completely as drainage system of the kidneys does not function properly during sleeping.

  3. The urinary bladder is elastic in nature and has contractions accordingly, upon drinking water. During the night, the body is regenerating and repairing itself, so it should be left in its original state. Drinking too much of water would imply that your bladder would remain expanded throughout the night and repeating this days after days would cause harm to your bladder.

  4. Drinking too much of water before sleeping might cause water retention in the body which affects not only the renal system but also circulatory system. Retention can in turn cause more serious problems like the dreaded urinary tract infection.

  5. Drinking water in excess before sleeping can also lead to a drop in the salt levels in your body. This is a serious condition which can lead to the swelling of the brain and in turn affect the nervous system.

  6. The fall in the sodium level caused by excessive water intake of the body can cause cell swelling (which includes Brain cells). This can cause unconsciousness, seizures and other related serious neurological problems. However, this mainly happens due to over hydration and only if someone drinks more than required quantity of water.

  7. Drinking too much of water before going to bed, then it does not get utilized by the body and the excess water disturbs the delicate electrolyte balance of the body, causing complications in the renal system.

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Benefits of Taking Less Water At Night Or Before Sleeping Published on: June 9th, 2016 by itmlab

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