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March 2016

How To Wear A Hijab Step By Step

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The Hijab is a traditional headgear worn by Muslim women. It comes in a variety of colours, designs and materials. Choose the material according to the relevant season and one which suits your skin type. It can be worn with all kinds of attire, be it ethnic or western. Hijabs are uncomfortable for those who are not accustomed to it, but if you wish to you can try this headgear just like any other fashion wear. This article is a step by step guide to wear a Hijab- Here is a video to help you understand the technique better-   [...]

January 2016

Trip to Pushkar: Home to Brahma’s First Temple

By | 2017-11-04T12:37:06+00:00 January 14th, 2016|Categories: Travel|

It is a common saying that every single breath that you take in this city is capable of engulfing you in its unique godly serenity. Owing to the distinctive sanctity that this place has to offer, it is considered by many, as tirth-raj, literally translating to “the ruler of all pilgrim sites”. Such is the divinity of Pushkar, a small, yet mesmerizing city located in the Ajmer district of Rajasthan, which also happens to be one of the most ancient cities in India. The city has been prominent since centuries as it housed world’s only Brahma temple for over thousands of [...]

December 2015

Affordable Palace Stay Vacations to Opt for

By | 2017-11-04T12:37:10+00:00 December 24th, 2015|Categories: Travel|

India provides variety of heritage palaces and hotels wrapped up in unique culture – from charming converted palaces to massive colonial heritage structures. It is always an outstanding gelidity to go out for vacation some place royal and majestic but it ought to be affordable altogether so as to spend the vacation budget wisely. Here are some of the prominent and salient palaces that are affordable and imperial. Let’s go through some of the enchanting palaces virtually. Samode Haveli, Jaipur The heroic ancient mansion of Samode Haveli is considered as one of India’s most sought after heritage properties owing to its [...]

Farm Vacations near Delhi

By | 2017-11-04T12:37:11+00:00 December 22nd, 2015|Categories: Fun, Travel|

NCR which has seen unprecedented development in the last two decades has boosted up the Indian economy tremendously. The tourism sector is one economic segment that has enormously profited from NCR’s extraordinary growth evidenced by the rising popularity of vacationing destinations in the region. There used to be a time when holidays for Delhi residents meant revisiting the all too familiar locales of Nainital, Mussoorie, Shimla, Agra, Bharatpur, Fatehpur Sikri, Lucknow or Jaipur. However, the emergence of umpteen heritage hotels, wellness spas, farmhouses, and vineyards has augmented the touring options of the wanderlust traveller looking to maximise his weekend sojourn. Listed [...]

Five Favourite Bollywood Movie Shooting Locations in Delhi

By | 2017-11-04T12:37:11+00:00 December 22nd, 2015|Categories: Travel|

India’s vibrant and immensely cosmopolitan capital city, Delhi has already cemented its position as a hugely popular location for motion picture shooting. Situated in the heart of the country, the allure and magnetism of the national capital has enthralled emperors and commoners for centuries. No wonder then that filmmakers too have been bowled over by its ageless aura mirrored and accentuated equally through its modernistic milestones as much as by its historical landmarks. Blockbuster Bollywood movies shot in Delhi including ‘Fanaa’, ‘Delhi-6’, ‘Rockstar’, ‘PK’, ‘Vicky Donor’, and ‘Veer Zara’ has propelled the metropolis to the top of the traveller’s itinerary. Undermentioned [...]

November 2015

Staycations- The Latest Holiday Trend

By | 2017-11-04T12:37:20+00:00 November 20th, 2015|Categories: Fun, Travel|

The typical holidaymaker, who instinctively used to plan for an extended vacation either overseas or to some exotic destination in India, is now opting more for ‘staycationing’. For those not acquainted with the term ‘staycation’, it is formed by combining ‘stay’ and the ‘cation’ part of ‘vacation’. Till recently, a weekend vacation entailed usually taking a motorbus, flight or an express train to get to the popular tourist spot nearest the hometown. A staycation lets you have all the pleasures of holidaying without the accompanying hassles by staying put in your city. So, it’s no wonder that staycations are all the [...]

Five Trekking Places in the Vicinity of Pune

By | 2017-11-04T12:37:26+00:00 November 18th, 2015|Categories: Travel|

Diehard trekkers looking for an intense adrenaline rush should consider keeping Pune in their trekking itinerary this winter. Pune, the capital of Maharashtra during Maratha rule, has numerous picturesque and breathtaking locations in its vicinity that can test the trekking skills of wanderlust holidaymakers. Passionate trekkers regarded as the most adventurous and thrilling vacationers, intending to explore outdoor trails can make Pune their base from where they plan their trekking expeditions. Starting from Sinhagad Fort to Rajmachi trek and from Vasota Fort to Ajoba Hills, there are many exhilarating trekking places in Pune. Ardent trekkers can schedule their trekking itineraries around [...]

Exotic Wine Tasting Tours to Sprawling Vineyards This Weekend

By | 2017-11-04T12:37:37+00:00 November 17th, 2015|Categories: Adventure, Travel|

There are weekend getaways, and there are exotic weekend getaways. One splendid way of making your upcoming weekend tours sublime and memorable is by planning short trips to verdant vineyards. If you were under the impression that home-grown vineyards and wineries existed only in Bordeaux, Burgundy, Sicily, Piedmont, Sierra Nevada, and Napa-Valley, then think again. Sprawling vineries tucked away in the suburbs of Bangalore, Mysore, and Nasik distil some of the headiest vinos that oenophiles and wine connoisseurs would love to sip. Give a free rein to your Bacchanalian spirit by embarking on a wine tasting spree as you explore the [...]

October 2015

The Biggest Travel Mistakes You Think You’re Too Smart to Make

By | 2017-11-04T12:38:15+00:00 October 30th, 2015|Categories: Fun, Travel|Tags: , , |

After months of hard work and juggling multi tasks, it is now time for a wonderful vacation! There are ought be some careless mistakes when making travel plans or exploring the unknown. However some of these unintentional mistakes can result in extreme disappointment when you realize you could had saved so much more. Travelling can be fun filled and exciting when you rightly plan things beforehand, rather than regretting amid the tour. So, let’s see some costly travel mistakes that you can avoid and save some bucks when travelling. Travelling in peak season Making last-minute travel plans in a peak holiday [...]

Mobile Apps That Will Make Your Air Travel More Comfortable

By | 2017-11-04T12:38:22+00:00 October 27th, 2015|Categories: Internet, Smart Phones, Travel|Tags: , |

Without mobile application or music flying could be a genuine pain. Presently you can book your flight with a couple taps, find adjacent parlors, lounge and dining areas, discover to how long your flight is postponed or even met another person before loading onto the plane. Here are couple of mobile applications to keep you update, lighten and entertained on your next air venture. 1.GateGuru (No Charge) – TripAdvisor propelled this application to give point by point update, including security hold up times, flight journey delay, entery change and delay adjustments. You can likewise get to maps, guage climate, hire an [...]

Have You Heard About Autonomous Cars?

By | 2017-11-04T12:38:37+00:00 October 23rd, 2015|Categories: Biz Tech, Software, Travel|Tags: |

Not long after Thomas Müller steers his Audi A7 into the stream of thruway activity heading towards Shanghai, a message on the dashboard demonstrates that "piloted driving" is currently accessible. Mr. Müller, an Audi engineer, squeezes a catch on the steering wheel his hands. The car starts to drive it, the steering wheel shockingly proceeding onward its own as the movement creeps over an extension towards the downtown area. What is autonomous Car? This is the car that drives itself, because of cameras, sensors, radar, lasers and enchantment. The most surely understood self-ruling car system is Google's, which has been around [...]

5 Boot Styles to Fall For

By | 2017-11-04T12:39:20+00:00 October 8th, 2015|Categories: Fashion, Health, Life, Travel, Women's Health|

If there is one footwear that forms an essential part of every stylish woman’s wardrobe – it is the boots! One indispensable accoutrement that can be conveniently paired with a sweeping range of outfits is a pair of elegant and stylish boots. Irrespective of the apparels that might be in-vogue, there’s no disputing the fact that boots can always be paired off with most of the trendy and fashionable outfits. However, the sheer variety of boot styles that are available both online and offline can make choosing the perfect pair, a mindboggling task. To help you in selecting you a pair [...]

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