Linkedin Advertising to Grow Your Business and Network

LinkedIn Marketing Strategy to Grow Your Business

  • Find highly targeted customers and connections.
  • Stay on customers’ radars.
  • Update your email marketing list.
  • Use Sponsored / Paid Updates.
  • Use high-quality content.
  • Give a face to your employees.
  •  Post article on Linkedin and go viral
  • Update your Company page matter
  • Make your own LinkedIn group
  • Make your Company page matter
  • Claim your custom URL
  • Complete the Summary section on your own profile
  • Think of it as a numbers game
  • Avoid hard selling
  • Start with connections, then build relationships


In if you need to laser focus your advertisement campaigns to audiences in the business community. First of all, your advertisements are only seen by individuals when they’re on LinkedIn.

It reports which more than 50% of LinkedIn users spent over 2 hours a week on the site in the year 2014, a figure which is up about ten percent from the last year. Advertising on LinkedIn can be less affordable than other social network.

There is the absolute minimal cost per click spend of $2 along with a day-to-day minimal spend per campaign of $10. For assessment purposes, Facebook Marketing along with Google Ad Words both have minimal CPC prices as low as $0.01.

In a report in excess of 5, 000 companies, HubSpot located that traffic from LinkedIn produced the highest visitor-to lead speed of conversion at 2.74% – 277% greater than Twitter and Facebook.

Place just not as many people click your LinkedIn ad, compared to a Facebook or Twitter ad, but those who do are more inclined to buy. Clearly you can cheat slightly by changing your ad, because new advertisements score higher CTRs than old advertisements. Caption: These 3 ad versions are straight from LinkedIn’s own best practices way to guide. They demonstrate 3 ad variations in the same campaign.

A final upside – Linkedin sends almost 4 times more individuals to your home page than Twitter along with Facebook.


Sponsored InMail communications have typical open along with click through rates of 20% correspondingly, which are well over the industry standard. These ads are displayed prominently on top of the LinkedIn page as a text advertisement, or with a picture in the right sidebar. These advertisements are the same as the Pay per click advertisements, but differ in placement and size.

Social Ads Featured business generates consciousness and interaction for business pages.

  1. Caption: Follow business ad – 1606 ad.
  2. Caption: Follow business ad – 300 x 250.

Group advertisements are targeted, customized and relevant group specific advertisements created to drive membership to custom group communities.

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Linkedin Advertising to Grow Your Business and Network Published on: July 28th, 2017 by itmlab

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