Natural Sleep Inducers for Restless Nights

After an exhausting day, you lay on your bed ready to rest, instead end up tossing and turning for hours? No matter how much your body hurts and eyes burn, you remain fidgeting and desperately trying to fall asleep. And even if you do manage to fall asleep; you find yourself awaken more than thrice though the night. Lack of sleep, on a regular basis, can be signs of a sleeping disorder or insomnia. Many who suffer from this affliction seem to think they are alone, making it a frightening experience for them. You are not alone – each year roughly 40% of the populace endure the symptoms of insomnia.

Sleeplessness can arise due to a variety of factors. Excess strain, improper medications, angst, lavish consumption of alcohol, nicotine & caffeine, change in schedule, aging and hidden health issues all can be the reasons behind it.

There are plenty of natural techniques to overcome such nights ofrestlessness. Yet, if used unethically they can make you drowsy and out of place the next morning.

  • Bubble Bath– A hot bath,before going to bed, will assist in loosening your muscles and relieve tension. In the tub your body temperature increases and on exiting the tub it cools. This thermal depreciation triggers the discharge of a chemical melatonin; which governs and encourages sleep. Add bubbles to your bath to increase effectiveness, as they keep the bath warm for longer.


  • Aromatherapy – The scent of certain flowers and plants, such as lavenders and passion flowers, can act as a gentle tranquilizer. Massage oils, bath salts, lotions containing these flowers should be used to calm you down and provoke sleepiness.

  • Herbal Tea –Drinking either chamomile, peppermint, lemon or lavender tea on a day-to-day basis in minute amounts will help enhance serenity and contentment. The chamomile tea is made be drying out the flowers and boiling them.

Herbal Tea

  • Dairy Products – Food items such as milk and yogurt constitute high amounts of tryptophan; which helps in releasing melatonin, hence coaxes sleep.

yogurt in night

  • Yoga & Meditation –Half an hour of yoga on an everyday basis can improve breathing and calmness of mind. Meditating before going to sleep helps relieve your mind of the day’s stress. It is an easy exercise – get comfy and take in deep breaths via your nostrils, let go of your thoughts and when you realize your mind is becoming distressed just start paying attention to each breath.


Along with these means to enhance sleep, keep in mind to avert from the following. They inhibit the tendency to fall asleep.

  • Caffeine – Limit or completely cease your intake of food items and drinks with caffeine. They are used to counteract sleepiness, and help keep a person awake.

  • Heavy Meals Before Bed Time – Instead try light meals for supper. This makes it effortless for your digestive system to work upon, hence making it easy for you to fall asleep too.

  • Junk Food – Excess of junk food in your system, will disrupt your nutrition. Lack of nutrition will hinder the release of chemicals that prompt sleepiness.

Give them a go, they are bound to work! Get rid of your sleeping woes within weeks.


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Natural Sleep Inducers for Restless Nights Published on: May 2nd, 2016 by itmlab

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