With the New Mobile Ad Extension, Advertisers will be able to connect with Custmer via SMS.

In 2013, Google redesigned the cluttered desktop computer SERP to look similar to the phone in line SERP, gave marketers back more charge of their mobile and pill bid adjustments, and launched cost extensions for mobile ads, another invention to improve the look and efficiency of advertisements that show up in mobile search.

Google introduced yet another mobile advertisement expansion, message extensions. Message extensions, like other ad extensions, are entitled to show alongside an advertiser advertisements on the SERP, usually which makes them bigger and more feature rich while raising CTR. AdWords advertisers are billed the same CPC fee when a user clicks on a note expansion as though they clicked on the advertisement’s headline or another advertisement extension.

Message extensions are accessible very few accounts, but Google promises they are going to be around in the coming weeks to all companies. From the advertisement extensions tab, marketers may create message extensions at both the ads group or the campaign level. Message Text: Carrying out a user clicks on the extension, Google may populate this message in the text field of their native messaging application. Use this message to assist your prospects start a dialogue with your sales staff. More leads and higher Click-through rate will not be the only increases for accounts that creates these new message extensions.

message extensions adwords
message extensions adwords

Like all advertisement extensions, AdWords Message Extensions can improve your advertisement’s relevancy and Quality Score. Message extensions will only show on cellular devices and might not show all of the time. It may be especially difficult to achieve success on the cellular SERP, so if you are not seeing your message extensions show, it can be an indication that you need to raise your mobile bid modification or increase your Quality Score. Make sure that your message and expansion text is sensible to all searchers. You might need to create various message extensions for various services or products you are offering.

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With the New Mobile Ad Extension, Advertisers will be able to connect with Custmer via SMS. Published on: December 2nd, 2016 by itmlab

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