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May 2016

Does Bournvita, Horlicks, Complan Really Increase Your Height?

By | 2017-11-04T12:36:57+00:00 May 26th, 2016|Categories: Child Health, Health, Opinion|Tags: , , , , |

One of the significant parts of any of our childhood memories constitute of a very common scene in most Indian household, where either your mom or other elders in the family are running after you with a glass of milk. No matter how you, what you do or how old you are, a glass of milk is the solution to everything in the Indian households. But, how we hated milk back in those days, right? It was only the addition of the flavored health drink accompaniments like Complan, Horlicks, and Bournvita that made milk drinkable. Now, that we’ve grown up, we [...]

How Much Do You Know About Your Penis?

By | 2017-11-04T12:36:58+00:00 May 10th, 2016|Categories: Health, Men's Health, Opinion|Tags: , |

Naked Greco-Roman statues, cave sculptures and Khajuraho temple arts, all around, the penis may be the most popular and very much focused male organ on the earth. These days’ boys are exceptionally disappointed with their penis length, however in roman era the ideal penis was thin, little, covered with a long and narrow foreskin. It has been worshiping in many forms around the world by many civilizations. Yet, many guys and girls still have couple of mysteries left to uncover. From the dick bone to the perfect length and even penis embarrassment, here are few wild actualities about penis, the male [...]

January 2016

How Sarcasm Can Make You A Better Person

By | 2017-11-04T12:37:05+00:00 January 16th, 2016|Categories: Life, Living, Opinion|

“Hey, are you sleeping?”…….”No, I was trying to play dead”. Ever snapped at someone with a similar statement? If you’re anything like me, you probably encounter such situations a million times each day. Unsurprisingly, there are people who consider such responses a tad too cocky, impolite and “ungentlemanly” (perhaps all old people). But if you see no harm in being a little sarcastic, or maybe it’s just that you are physically not intimidating enough, and consider sarcasm as your only weapon, then let me list you three reasons as to how this unique ability of yours makes you better than the [...]

November 2015

Potential Steps to Beat Failure in Life

By | 2017-11-04T12:37:44+00:00 November 4th, 2015|Categories: Life, Opinion|Tags: , |

Failure is unavoidable in the path of life if we plan to succeed. Unluckily, many defeated people don't know how to overcome failure and they are broken by it when they experience it. The capacity to master failure is one major distinction b/w conquered and average. All things considered, we ought to pass failure while in transit to achievement. This is the capacity to fight it that has the effect between the individuals who won and the individuals who don't. Anyway, learning to master failure is the fundamental of self-help. I run down few tips to offer you some assistance master [...]

October 2015

How Instagram Can Help To Entrepreneurs

By | 2017-11-04T12:38:13+00:00 October 31st, 2015|Categories: Business, Internet, Opinion|Tags: , , |

You should start the trip of figuring out how to leverage Instagram for your business by subscribing to the official Instagram for your Business blogs. It's stuffed with genuine real life examples of how reputed business brands are utilizing photographs and recordings to build the reputation, readership and above all else: business. Figuring out how reputed brands promoting on Instagram and utilize their photograph abilities to catch visitors consideration. Sales promotions can be an awesome approach to learn and watch and even consolidate comparable strategies into your own particular advancement systems. It's not illegal and absolutely benefits give good results. Photography [...]

Tips to Exploit Your First Salary!!!

By | 2017-11-04T12:39:15+00:00 October 10th, 2015|Categories: Life, Living, Opinion|Tags: |

There's cash close by, additionally more obligations. Getting the first SMS to get your first pay is a vital crossroads, a sign of freedom, a feeling of independent very much earned-pride. It is just regular to have the inclination to spend too much right now. Treat yourself unassumingly, and pay regards to the individuals who matter most in your life. This may show up a philosophical exhortation on money related matter, however all things considered will keep you grounded to reality. On the other hand, here are couple of things you could do with your first pay while you take in [...]

How to Manage Separation in Life

By | 2017-11-04T12:39:27+00:00 October 7th, 2015|Categories: Life, Men's Health, Opinion, Women's Health|

Affection is a ton like sustenance. We require it to survive. Psychologists find that people have a principal requirement for consideration in gathering life and for cozy connections. Partition is not generally great but rather some of the time it get to be important. Relations dependably rely on upon shared participation however in the event that second one would prefer not to proceed with then by what method will you proceed with this connection? On the off chance that you need to get over somebody immediately then please disregard the mediocre counsel you read, for example, keep yourself occupied, be solid [...]

How to Dress Stylish This Winter at Work

By | 2017-11-04T12:39:36+00:00 October 5th, 2015|Categories: Fashion, Life, Opinion|

Despite the bone-biting chilly winds and frigid temperatures, you should have wardrobe prowess that still flaunts a stylish statement. Be it work or date-nights, ditch the baggy jackets and strappy sandals with socks, adopt our style guide to exude a graceful aura. Even though desire to hibernate might be strong owing to the dreary weather, bundle up in a fashionable manner to stay warm and look hot! You can chic up your business outfits to take your winter career style to the next level. At ITM Lab we tell you how to make the sartorial plunge, scroll down to get motivated [...]

Love: The Chemistry of Feeling, Goodness, Romance and Psychology

By | 2017-11-04T12:39:39+00:00 October 2nd, 2015|Categories: Fun, Life, Opinion|

What is Love, a standout among the most troublesome inquiries for the humanity? Hundreds of years have cruised by, connections have blossomed thus has love. Be that as it may, nobody can give the correct meaning of adoration. To some Love is fellowship set ablaze for others. Maybe love is similar to luckiness. You need to go the distance to discover it. Regardless of how you characterize it or feel it, adoration is the unceasing truth ever. Love is Feeling!!! It has no jealousy nor does it gloat itself. It cheers over the abhorrence and is reality seeker. Affection secures; jam [...]

September 2015

Souvenirs of First Love

By | 2017-11-04T12:39:43+00:00 September 30th, 2015|Categories: Fun, Life, Opinion|Tags: , |

Simply first love is not the youth fascination on school rule or a hotshot. It is the first relationship or fascination of a sentimental nature experienced in immaturity. Souvenirs of first love are basically affectionate ones however in specific cases, the remembrance could be exceptionally excruciating moreover. The individuals who had encountered sentiments of bliss, energy, fervor, and pride in their first love are a great deal more inclined to have steady, persevering connections in their rest lives. Then again, the individuals who experienced sentiments of disgrace, blame, antagonistic vibe or trepidation amid their first love tend to have powerless associations [...]

Breastfeeding Boons to Mothers

By | 2017-11-04T12:39:50+00:00 September 27th, 2015|Categories: Child Health, Opinion, Women's Health|

These days women employment is continuously increasing in the whole world and this percentage describe the growth of any developing nation. With this corporate culture and professionalism, women don’t able to give very much time on maternity. Even maternity is planned according to the promotion tenure and job location. There is a misconception among women that breastfeeding can affect their figure. In reality, breastfeeding is a god gift to motherhood and it helps to mother to become healthy. Breastfeeding reduce the dangerous disease of female body. Few health benefits are described below; Breastfeeding Is a Characteristic Prophylactic This is genuine just [...]

Calculated Risk: An essential part of an Entrepreneurship

By | 2017-11-04T12:39:55+00:00 September 20th, 2015|Categories: Entrepreneur, Opinion|

In our corporate life, no one is satisfied from job and dream to become an entrepreneur. A very few will become successful in their own business. People who become calculated risk taker win the battle. Two related rules are profoundly connected. We feel that there is little point in entering another business sector unless it gives the chance to truly shake up an industry. All our new pursuits come to fruition from our reasoning up an item or administration that we trust individuals truly need. At that point, if our entrance can possibly make waves, we're going to take a gander [...]

Big Boobs: Breathtaking or Watermelons

By | 2017-11-04T12:40:00+00:00 September 15th, 2015|Categories: Beauty, Opinion|

I as of late read Kate Fridkis' article on little boobs with a blend of interest and jealousy. As somebody who's had DD size since middle school, the little boob experience is absolutely outside to me, despite the fact that I've longed for littler boobs on numerous events. Since it's an indication of gentility, why might I be pulled in to a lady with little bosoms? Identity can just take you so far before your little bosoms turn into a mood killer and an issue. Call me shallow yet it's reality as I would like to think. Extensive bosoms are adored [...]

April 2015

World Buskers Festival – A Street Festival

By | 2017-11-04T12:41:35+00:00 April 2nd, 2015|Categories: Opinion, World|

Buskers’ festival is basically a street festival where various art forms, street concerts, ballet performances, comedy show etc. are demonstrated vibrantly to the public. The World Buskers Festival takes place in Christchurch, New Zealand and defines a unique tradition of this country. It is called as the Scirt World Buskers Festival and aims at providing the best street show to the people. It has a history of 21 years and is flourishing every year. It is conducted from 15th to 25th January ever year. It provides the audience with pandemonium, and uncontrollable laughter for around 10 days. New Zealand is turned [...]

The Best Electronics Gifts That You Can Give On Any Occasion

By | 2017-11-04T12:41:39+00:00 April 1st, 2015|Categories: Newsfeed, Opinion, Tech|

The following are some of the best electronics gifts: Photive PH-50w multi-port Rapid Charger Rearrange your existence with the Photive PH-50w multi-port Rapid Charger from Photive. With an aggregate of 6 USB ports and an aggregate yield of 50 watts, this charger is improved to charge about any USB gadget. The PH-50w fuses the most recent Auto Detect Technology. Every USB port intelligently distinguishes your gadget and recognizes the most extreme measure of force it is calling for. The result is you get full speed charging over all the ports for any gadget. So connect to any brand or show and [...]

Tips and Tricks for You to Locate the Most Excellent Deals Online

By | 2017-11-04T12:41:39+00:00 April 1st, 2015|Categories: Living, Opinion|

Deal seekers searching for the best arrangements online frequently take over these basic steps to get the absolute best costs on all that they purchase. Use Online Coupons and Promotional Links   Online coupon locales offer arrangements of coupons and special connections for unique funds at well known online stores. Promotional Links Limited time connections are advancements recorded on coupon destinations that are enacted by clicking on the special connection gave. Online Coupon Codes Coupon codes are the proportional to cutting and utilizing coupons at your nearby stores, yet online it is a code of numbers or letters that you enter [...]

December 2014

Raping Women is an Offense – Challenging the Philosophy of Rape

By | 2017-11-04T12:41:42+00:00 December 22nd, 2014|Categories: Opinion|

Many years of women's activist activism against assault have created a world that now, formally, authoritatively, and lawfully, in any event talks the discussion on sexual viciousness in conflict. Women's activists do not yet possess the capacity to change the philosophy of assault; nevertheless they are working on it. Why do rapes occur? Rapes occur as some men are lacking confidence, perplexed about being rejected or betrayed by the lady and they have to feel in control of the lady - so they rape. Assaults additionally happen on the grounds that they've been permitted to go unpunished for ages. Men have [...]

Is Now the Right Time for You to Quit Facebook Addiction?

By | 2017-11-04T12:41:42+00:00 December 22nd, 2014|Categories: Opinion|

Covered up in the merriment of the significance of Facebook, I accept, is a long rundown of much more prominent things you didn't do on the grounds that you were excessively occupied with Facebook. Is it now the right time for you to quit Facebook, you can decide for yourself after reading this article? Extreme time waster Generally speaking anybody would use one hour on Facebook each weekday and an extra two on Saturday and Sunday, totaling 10 hours a week, or one of the normal work days. That is 4,160 hours over Facebook life, compared to 173 days constantly, or [...]

October 2014

Sukkot – A Festival Representing Four Species

By | 2017-11-04T12:41:57+00:00 October 12th, 2014|Categories: History, Newsfeed, Opinion|

The fiesta of Sukkot starts on Tishri 15, the 5th day after Yom Kippur and is commended for 7 days. It is very much an exceptional move, from a standout amongst the gravest occasions in our year to a standout amongst the most upbeat. The two days after the celebration, Shemini Atzeret and Simchat Torah, are partitioned occasions yet are identified with Sukkot. It is in this ‘Sukkah’ that we stay, eat and sleep, as our progenitors did in the wild. Arba Minim: the 4 species The 4 species being referred to are an etrog (citrus fruit), a palm extension (lulav), [...]

The East West South and North Faces of Dussehra

By | 2017-11-04T12:41:57+00:00 October 12th, 2014|Categories: Opinion|

Dussehra, otherwise called Vijayadashami, is a major Indian celebration celebrated on the tenth day of the Ashvin month as per the Hindu schedule. This day falls in the month of September or October. The day concludes a 9 day fasting time of Navratri according to Hindu culture. The day likewise corresponds with the submersion of the statue of Goddess Durga. The day is commended to remember the killing of Ravana by Lord Rama. The day additionally praises the killing of evil spirit Mahishasur by Goddess Durga. The Dussehra festival spreads the message of the triumph of good over sin. Here is [...]

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