How to Take a Great Velfies Videos? [Video Selfies]

“#VelFie” is an application of smartphone that gives a chance to make customized video selfies to popular audios and sounds and utilize those for entertainment and online networking. The application is being incorporated into the messaging. It is right now accessible on the iOS and Android stores. The authors affirmed that they are bringing same app for windows platform also.

The application is observing great development with more than 10,000 downloads every day since it was started and it was drifting among the main three applications on Android. Now this app was downloaded by more than 500000 times on Android store. The applications development is driven by users transferring their own particular sounds (user created substance) and sharing it through Wechat, Whatsapp, JioChat, Facebook, Hike, Line etc. #VelFie has gotten great response crosswise over Indonesia, India,  , Philippines, Brazil, Malaysia, Vietnam, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Turkey and around 150 nations. The application has classified their substance for various nations in view of the well-known language pervasive there.

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Few Other Video Selfie Service Provider Platforms:


Vine gives you a chance to make a six-second video those circles everlasting. The video is known as a Vine and can be installed into your site, shared on many internet platforms with social media. The application gives you a chance to make your own particular Vines, post remarks on it and free to make a group of individuals who love viewing your Vines.

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Taking advantage of the way that six seconds can never be sufficient, Instagram turned out with its magnificent 15 second editable video features. To begin off, you essentially need to download the most recent variant on your iPhone or Android mobile. Just in the event that you have been utilizing Instagram to click your selfies, you can now take a view at the Video Section. Just click on the Video camera and you are prepared to record what you need and send yourVelfies.


A person is never assured with anything they have, so in what manner can 15 seconds fulfill you. Now and again when you need to share a complete incident like a total shot of your Bungee jumping or deep dive from a swimming pool, you have to make longer recordings and neither of these Apps are sufficient around then. You Tube is the solution to post recordings, which are longer or for the stuff that you have to impart to the world on the loose.

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#Tips to take good Velfies

  • Talk about something that can create interest in individuals, no one would like to know your cry story.
  • You should keep yourself in sufficiently bright and good place. The light source ought to be in front of you and somewhat over the eye level.
  • Have some civility and don’t make cheap recordings. Some spots ought to be untouchable to making recordings, for example, washrooms. You need individuals to regard your security; you have to figure out how to regard it as well.
  • Respect other individuals’ security; don’t catch private snippets of other individuals.
  • Nature dependably makes an awesome video background. Take a stab at making a video of yourself while going by new places or while doing energizing things.
  • If you are making the Velfie in your home, clean it up first. Muddled houses make undesirable background.
  • To look for Photo-Bombers, individuals who may pop into the video unwanted and ruin what might have been an incredible shoot.
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