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It’s time intensive to wait around for a resolution yet additionally it is burdensome for an IT technician to fix problems quickly unless they’ve the details they need. With a few simple planning and training on your part, it will be possible to shave a few precious minutes spent on working out your pc and network problems. Urgency is generally discovered by immediate business impact. When you’ve a problem that harms your productivity or creates an impediment to accomplish a project, it’s a good idea to make a telephone call to technical support. A good example might be an e-mail archiving problem or problem with a non company essential app.

Remote controls allow the technical support rep open the computer as if he could be sitting at your desktop. Remote support makes troubleshooting and repairing problems a lot better and faster. To accelerate the process, have your pc powered on and sign in to your account. If possible, close any open applications, to ensure they do not slow down any remote support applications. If you reboot and sign in, you could even fix your problem without help. If technical support is part of the internal IT support, make certain you’re also connected to the business network like VPN as well as the Internet.

A screenshot helps the designated technology rep understand your problem, so he can troubleshoot before speaking with you one-on one. If you send an e-mail to create a ticket, take a screenshot of the error as well as attach it to the email. In case you utilize a ticketing system, almost all these systems enable you to attach a screenshot to the ticket. Most OS have internal capabilities to work with screenshots, but you may also find tools that make the procedure easier. A Windows keyboard has a Print Scr key that requires an overview and saves it to the clipboard. Whenever you need IT support, you often need someone with expertise. In a tiered IT system, you first call a help desk representative who then forwards your ticket to the next tier of support. If this next tier cannot fix the problem, the ticket is then stepped to another tier.

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Tips From Tech Support Published on: September 8th, 2017 by itmlab

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