How To Wear a Pad Comfortably During Periods

Every month of the year girls go through a painful biological phenomenon menstruation which causes blood to flow heavily out of their system. Earlier people used to wear cotton or nylon napkins but pads help soak the blood and keep the area dry and non-messy. Though it is much more uncomfortable as compared to tampons, but it is healthier, less risky and more pocket friendly. This article will enumerate step by step, how to wear sanitary napkins in the most comfortable manner possible-


  1. Sanitary pad of a good brand.
  2. Underwear to stick it on to.


  1. Take the napkin out of its packet, unfold it and remove the adhesive paper stuck on the back.
  2. Take your underwear and stick it onto the underwear with the broader side in close to the vagina and the narrower side away from it, if it is shaped for thongs otherwise the longer part of it is to be placed on the rear side of the underwear.
  3. If your napkin has wings, remove the adhesive paper from the wings and fold the wings onto the sides of the underwear and stick them in place.
  4. Wear to check if it is in place move around a bit to notice any loose ends. Adjust if it is uncomfortable or causing stains due to leakage.
  5. When it is too wet and heavy due to the blood flow know that it is time to change. Even if the blood flow is less make sure you change the pad at regular intervals.
  6. Go inside a toilet with a fresh napkin and pull your pants down and rip off the old pad from panty.
  7. Fold the old, used one properly and wrap it with the papers on the new one wrap it up and dispose it in a dustbin and not in the open nor flush it down the commode.
  8. Wear the fresh one following the above mentioned methods.
  9. Use napkins with extra width on days of heavy flow.
  10. Use napkins with completely fits and are of good quality, that is, it smells fresh when you open it, it does not cause allergy, itching or rashes and it does tear too often, making you change every passing minute.

Follow the above mentioned methods and buy yourself the best sanitary napkin according to the flow you experience. Do not be ashamed of a natural biological process you have, call out the specific size, brand and product you seek, just don’t go and ask for “pads” and walk home with any they hand over. This video will help understand better about how to wear a sanitary napkin-

Wearing and removing sanitary napkins are easy, but make sure you change often else you may become prone to rashes and infections.Now you know how to wear a pad in the proper way so as to cause the least possible discomfort in your most uncomfortable days. Ladies, I know the pain.

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How To Wear a Pad Comfortably During Periods Published on: March 29th, 2016 by Kanika Kothari

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