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December 2015

8 Manmade Ancient Wonders of Asia

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That the Asian mainland has been the cradle of a majority of the primeval human civilizations is testified by the umpteen manmade ancient wonders spread throughout the continent. Of course, the modern-day engineering and architectural marvels hold all of us in thrall but don’t seem to have the mysticism and aura associated with the historic wonders. These antique structures and edifices were constructed using the best materials available at those times and with painstaking care that has enabled these to withstand the ravages of time. No wonder then that these manmade wonders of yore continue to attract sightseers and travellers from [...]

November 2015

Prominent Geographical and Historical Locations in Gujarat

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 Gujarat-The Jewel of Western India Gujarat, situated on the western extremity of India, and admiringly called ‘Jewel of Western India’ by the local populace, is a state steeped in history. The state has a serpentine coastline dotted with sun-kissed beaches, boasts of picturesque valleys, mountains, sparkling rivers, and lush forest cover making it a tourist hotspot. Speckled with awe-inspiring historical sites and shrines, Gujarat draws pilgrims, archaeologists, historians, sightseers, and holidaymakers from around the world. Home to a rich diversity of flora and fauna, including the endangered ‘Asiatic Gir Lion’, wild ass, and the blackbuck, Gujarat tourism attracted nearly 20 million [...]

October 2015

Karwa Chouth: Most Admired Gala of Indian Women

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Karwa Chouth (Karka Chaturthi) is a vrat (fast) attempted by Hindu married women who offer pooja to God looking for the hubby's welfare, flourishing, prosperity and life span. On a basic level, the vrat (fast) is not to be broken until the moon is risen in the evening. Then a senior experienced lady in the house should portray the glory of Karwa Chouth before the vrat (fast) is ended. This is surely a difficult vrat (fast) to see as it begins before dawn and closures in the wake of worshiping the moon, which for the most part ascends at 7 PM [...]

United Colors of Navratri in Different States of India

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The whole nation, from Kashmir valley to Kanyakumari and from Gujarat to Assam, wears a celebratory look and radiates exquisite ethnicity. All states observe Durga's triumph over the devil Mahishasur on ninth day of Navratri and God Rama's triumph over Ravana the King of evil presences is praised on tenth day. Then again, triumph of the great over the abhorrence is the basic reason for festivities everywhere throughout the nation. Whichever a piece of India you visit amid the celebration, you will discover grinning confronts, cheerful personalities and gave souls in like manner however the method for the party is distinctive [...]

Public Internet Access Program: 3rd Pillar of Digital India Campaign

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PM Narendra Modi introduced the 'Digital India' in the vicinity of senior clerical associates and top industry honchos a move that intends to give a 'cyber push' to the services and public. NAMO has dependably shown enthusiasm for Public Internet Access Program; something which he feels would conquer any hindrance between government activities and its 120Cr Indian recipients. Ambitious Public Internet Access Program is divided into two parts- 1) Public Internet Access Program are Common Service Centers (CSCs) and 2) Post Offices as multi-administration focus. 1.Common Service Centers (CSCs)- CSCs would be fortified and its number would be expanded from around [...]

Universal Access to Mobile Connectivity: 2nd Pillar of Digital India

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The Rise of m-Governance: Mobile network is today being viewed as the key component for bringing social comprehensiveness and all round monetary advancement. Mobile correspondence has reformed the social and monetary life over the rustic and semi-urban regions by crossing over the advanced separation. In spite of the quick development of Mobile communication infrastructure as of late, country Mobi-density in India keeps on falling a long ways behind urban rates. Transforming the world into a worldwide data center where everybody has admittance to data on the make a go at connecting the advanced separation, bringing unmistakable monetary advantages and empowering social [...]

Broadband Highways: 1st Pillar of Digital India

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In his Independence Day discourse, the Prime Minister of India talked about Digital India, where each resident has admittance to Internet availability and there is great administration through eGovernance. Computerized India project is an umbrella system to get ready India for an information based change. It means to give greatly required push to the nine mainstays of development, to be specific – broadband parkways and other initiatives for electronic conveyance of administrations; data for all; gadgets fabricating; data innovation for employments; early collect projects. Broadband for all Rural: Digital India Mission will cover 250000 gram panchayats for broadband connectivity till December [...]

Digital India Campaign at a Glance

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              Shri Narendra Modi authoritatively hailed off the Digital India activity on the first of July 2015. The project plans to spread advanced proficiency all through the nation and engage the subject by overcoming any issues in the middle of them and the Government by means of web.            It incorporates the goal-oriented project National Optic Fiber Network (NOFN), expecting to connection India's 2.5 lakh gram panchayats through more than 70,000 km of fast optic fiber in the following three years- in this way empowering more than 600 million Indians to [...]

September 2015

North East Solitaires for Honeymooners!!!

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Your next life together everything except requests an exceptional ordeal to get things commenced. What's more, spending your getaway in the magnificence of superb mountains and unblemished common excellence of nature is unquestionably the beginnings of exceptional recollections. A brilliantly engaging part of a mountain honeymoon is that it can be appreciated whenever of the year with an extensive variety of encounters for both the dynamic and the laid-back. A sentimental mountain honeymoon means venturing far from group, getting a charge out of dazzling timberland creatures and remarkable individual, for example, climbing marvelous edges, angling cool mountain lakes and strolling together [...]

Alluring North East: Seven Sisters of Lakes and Falls

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I see a great deal of lovely places incorporating lakes and fall in north east when I travel, stores and loads truth be told. Around 5 years into voyaging I chose to back off in north east on the grounds that those waterfalls, landmarks, wildernesses and lakes were so excellent. They all swung to mush in my cerebrum. I might want to enlighten here regarding the celebrated and must see staggeringly beautiful lakes and falls of seven sisters. North East has genuinely lovely roosted lakes and taller falls. Nuranang or Bong Bong Falls: With its bumpy territory, you can expect a [...]

All-Time Best North East Road Trips for Bikers

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Is it true that you are the person who is perpetually longing for to experience hunger for something new and hitting the streets keeps running in your blood and hitting the highways  gives you feel peppy? Perused on as we convey to you the best bike trips an individual should attempt the complete life span! We scud through the chronicles of our diverse nation and convey to you the best street trips in India that you ought to take at any rate once in your lifetime. You thought rainy season isn't a decent time to take trips! You can simply jump [...]

Extravagance Trains Go In India!!!

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Indian Railways is awakening memories of occasions – the late spring visits to grandparents' place, motors chugging through slopes and passages, the unremitting call Chai-Garam-Chai and upbeat discussions with co-travelers. On the other hand, this foundation has assumed a much more terrific part in the life of India and its kin, tying its unfathomable length together, right from the time of the British to the present times. Welcomes to extravagance trains go in India!!! Set out on a voyage over the wonderful scenes and regions of India. Sail into a period of sentiment and eminence; find the spirit of this unfathomable [...]

Why Are Indian Americans Dominating Intelligence Competitions across USA

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Unprecedented run of success by Indian American kids in winning a series of intelligence championships like Spelling Bee, National Geographic Bee etc., on-the-trot-from 2008 to 2015 has spurred much talks. Top honors each year has evoked mixed responses from diverse communities bordering from perplexity to inscrutability and more-often-than-not, reprehensible racism. Considering the assorted gamut of ripostes, it definitely calls for a review of the underlying factors that have catapulted these kids to prevail at the coveted Spelling Bee & other contests. Most importantly, the utter dominance by Indian-origin teenagers in a contest that is unmistakably American has brought into focus an [...]

Make in India, the first step of Made in India

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Need much better infrastructure for Made in India To attract the Global investment in Made in India, India must require better infrastructure development with water, food, transportation. If we take an example of Noida, an integrated planned city to encourage industrialization still does not have railway or air connectivity. On the other side in China, Dalian is not only connected by traditional railway but perfectly connected to Harbin–Dalian High-Speed Railway and Dalian Zhoushuizi International Airport. 100 smart cities of Make in India will give a boost to our social infrastructure and global citizens prefer to life in India to contribute in [...]

July 2015

5 Highways of India Which Actually Make India Proud

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There are more than 200 national highways all over India connects different regions of various states covering approximately 66590 km. Highways in India play a crucial role in trade and commerce. Highways help in developing the infrastructure and also the economic condition of the country. Indian highways connect major cities in every corner of the country. Now here let us have a come across a few of them which are major and important National Highway 7 (NH 7): National Highway 7 is the longest highway in India casing about 2369 km. It covers many regions from north to south between Varanasi [...]

June 2015

Gawai Dayak Festival – Sarawak Malaysia

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The Gawai Dayak festival is celebrated in Sarawak and West Kalimantan by Dayaks. This festival is celebrated on June 1st of every year in Sarawak, Malaysia. On the day of the festival it is a pubic holiday for all the people in Malaysia. History of Gawai Dayak The idea for the Gawai Dayak was started back in 1957 in a radio forum which was held by Tan Kingsley and Owen Liang who is a radio program organizer. This brought lots of interest in the Dayak community. The British colonial refused to recognize the Dayak day, but instead he called it as Sarawak [...]

May 2015

Fighting Rape? This Is What You Need To Do

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Amongst the most heinous crimes in the world, rape has taken a soaring toll across the globe. It leaves a lasting impact on the victim’s mind and body. Add to it the increasing number of reported cases in the past few years that have awakened the masses protesting and demanding immediate action against it. While stringent laws are the ultimate alternative to fight the menace, certain tips can help women avoid any such incident. Of course, compromising with your routine is no good but a slight tilt in your plan and approach can set alarms for the evil minds. Here’s what [...]

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